Scandal is turning into A Real Scandal

As the TV series Scandal has progressed over the last year or so, the show has gotten

Kerry Washington, Deliver Commencement Address GWU

Kerry Washington, Deliver Commencement Address GWU (Photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks.)

some good and bad review from viewers. Many people don’t feel like Olivia Pope has been portrayed very well on the show. A lot of people see Olivia as the hoe of the show, and just a side chick for the president Fitz, and a sexual fling for Jake. I personally feel like the show is losing the steam it once had. It seems to be turning into a soft porn television show. There are only two more episodes left so, I hope they put the show to rest after this season because it is losing the flavor it once had.

Images: Shonda Rhimes on Why Olivia Pope is Called “Whore” in

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 00:37:39 GMT

Images: Shonda Rhimes on Why Olivia Pope is Called “Whore” in Season 3. Posted on … This entry was posted in Images, Scandal ABC and tagged abc, images, olivia pope, scandal, season 3, shonda rhimes. Bookmark the …

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Why Black Women Love The Character Olivia Pope And The Show

Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:18:50 GMT

Scandal is just a representation the Black Woman has put forth to sell herself to the white man. And notice it is wrote by a Black Woman. This is … Why Black Women Love The Character Olivia Pope And The Show Scandal. 31 Monday Mar 2014. Posted by Ahmose in Uncategorized … ABC was glad to put this show on air, as long it continues on with the traditional role that Black Women play in real life, which is that of a side piece whore. This is what every white man and any man in …

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Olivia Uses Jake on SCANDAL, No More White Hat « TVRuckus

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 15:19:06 GMT

Has Olivia Pope given up the right to be righteous after last night’s SCANDAL and is it important to the story going forward? During “The Fluffer“, Liv chose her task of dismantling B613 over loyalty to Jake and staying true to …

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Summer Block Busters

Its so many good movies coming out this summer that you don’t wanna miss a moment of

CCTV Building with Guomao in the Background

CCTV Building with Guomao in the Background (Photo credit: pamhule)

it. I have seen the line up from The Dawn Planet of the Apes, X-men Days of The Future, and Godzilla. The summer line up looks hot. Hollywood is finally getting it right this time. It has been a long time sense we have seen some blockbusters like this on the scene.

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The Man of Steel Is A Hit

I went to see the movie The Man of Steel and was really impressed at how grown up the

Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman: The Man of Steel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

movie was. I felt like the old and new fans of Superman had been   treated well to the new action figure all over again. The movie really gives you a new modernized version of Superman in the 21st century that one can really get off into.

I recommend this movie to all the Superman Lovers

Unofficial Superman Game Skewers Man of Steel’s Overblown

Kyle Baker‘s no idiot. The iconic comics and animation artist knows that he can’t call the characters in Mass Murderer of Steel Superman and General Zod. But the fighting super-powered dudes in his quickie browser game are 

Publish Date: 06/25/2013 12:30

Box Office: ‘Man Of Steel‘ Speeds To $345.6M Worldwide – Deadline

SUNDAY 11 AM UPDATE: The Superman reboot continues as a super-hit internationally. Here and overseas, Warner Bros’ and Legendary Pictures‘ holdover 3D.

Publish Date: 06/22/2013 18:24

Man of Steel – Official Trailer 3 [HD] In theaters June 14th. From Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures comes “Man of Steel”, starring Henry…

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The Fast and Furious 6 Is Here

The squeal to the Fast and Furious series is back again with some of your favorites and some new faces. The Rock ( Dewayne Johnson), Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Tyrese,  and a host of others came back for another fast ride of the movie Fast and Furious. Hot cars and

Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hot women always grace the stage for another exciting performance.

Lets see what this movie holds when it comes out this weekend

The Fast and The Furious

They’ve got the adrenaline rush and the mean machines, but most of all, they’ve got the extreme need for speed. On the turbo-charged streets of Los Angeles, every night is a championship race. With nitro-boosted fury, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), ru…

Fast & Furious 6 – Final Trailer

GET ADVANCE TICKETS NOW! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of all-stars as the global blockb…

FAST & FURIOUS 6 Interviews: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez and more!

Emmy winner Jake Hamilton travels to London, England to talk with the stars of FAST & FURIOUS 6 — Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodrig…

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Is Scandal Good for the Economy

Many of you I’m sure are Scandal fans like myself, and just cant wait for the next episode. The steamy hot show has people jumping out their seats and dam near ready to have sex in front of the TV. I mean dam Kerry (a.k.a know as Olivia Pope) has turned on more men then television sets . What makes Scandal so great ? Could it be the writers or is it the actors ? As a result of the show many people are eager to get in front of the TV. Has the Economy been improved since the television drama Scandal hit the air waves ?

Kerry Washington at the premiere of Mother and...

Kerry Washington at the premiere of Mother and Child, directed by Rodrigo García, during the Toronto International Film Festival, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.The television show Scandal has become such a huge hit starring Kerry Washington that people, clubs, and bar owners are now beginning to hold Scandal parties. Last night was the season finale before next season.

It seems like Scandal has become an event just like going to the movies. Can Scandal help get people wanting to spend dollars and cents on food, gas, clothes for Scandal parties, and technology ? I think Scandal if it continues on will have a huge impact on the bottom line of the American Economy

Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington’s Scandal Sex Scenes Are “a

“My wife doesn’t watch [the show],” the actor says, noting that he “doesn’t encourage” her to tune in for the steamy love scenes.

Publish Date: 05/16/2013 13:35

Kerry Washington Attends ‘Elle’ Dinner, ‘Scandal‘ Finale Tonight

Kerry Washington Attends ‘Elle’ Dinner, ‘Scandal‘ Finale Tonight!

Publish Date: 05/16/2013 12:10

Kerry Washington: ‘Scandal‘ Renewed After Record Ratings! | Jimmy

Kerry Washington signs autographs for fans after making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (May 9) in Hollywood. The 36-year-old actress stopped by to chat about her smash hit series Scandal and her latest

Publish Date: 05/12/2013 1:20

Scandal Photo Shoot! Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn! Subscribe now! Join Scandal stars Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Henry Ian Cusic…

Kerry Washington on Her Show, Scandal! – The View

Watch full episodes of The View at Kerry Washington talks to the ladies about her new show, Scandal!

Kerry Washington Talks “Scandal” and Relationship with Michelle Obama on #SwayInTheMorning

Subscribe to our page: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:…

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Atlanta Film Community Where Is the Work At

I have been getting several emails from the Film Atlanta group. After listening to other Actresses and Actors the story is the same where is the work for the actors and

Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Skyline (Photo credit: k1ng)

actresses of Atlanta ? One Actresses in particular had this to say about the Atlanta Film Community …

Where is the work because the majority of the castings I have been seeing are for extras.  The ones that get the real work either have representation or know somebody and the rest come here with the productions that they are apart of.  They keep saying Atlanta is Black Hollywood.  I guess it is when you have Hollywood packing up and bringing their people here.  They don’t cast Atlanta talent in major roles.  Maybe it’s just me.  I’m sure that workshop will be helpful.


As you can see the Atlanta Film community is ready to work but are the jobs really hear? I look forward to your comments

Actors: Top Los Angeles Casting Director Amy Jo Berman Comes To Atlanta Feb 16-17 Atlanta Actors: Work with one of the TOP CASTING DIRECTORS in the entertainment industry right in your backyard. Amy Jo Berman…

Acting Classes in Atlanta

Acting classes in Atlanta, GA at “Alchemy of Acting” (WWW.AOATALENTLABS.COM) are provided by some of the top trainers in the industry, making this one of the…

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Is Jersey Shore Good for TV

Do You watch Jersey Shore ? How many of you thought to yourself what in the hell are

English: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at ...

English: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi at an appearance at James Madison University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

these fools doing on television, because of the antics they keeping doing like drinking, cussing, fighting and just pure raising hell etc. Snookie just keeps showing her ass for some reason and seems to be a dumb broad by most standards. Is Jersey really good for the youth of America or is this another Reality TV showing people is cool to act out and get rewarded for it ?

Jersey Shore Cancelled — MTV Announces: Season 6 Will Be The

Good riddance you piece of crap. Comment by Jeff Winger – August 30, 2012 09:33 AM PDT Reply To This Post. Lol, mtv used to be music television. It was good music, now they show crap. Thank god Jersey Shore is gone,

Publish Date: 08/30/2012 12:31

Reality TV Bad for Business? ‘Jersey Shore‘ Star Banned From

Is Reality TV Bad for Business? ‘Jersey Shore‘ Star Banned From Restaurant for Two Years — Restaurant Gets Swatted Too, as Authorities Make a Statement About the ‘Mayhem That Can Be Associated With Reality Television‘ E! Online Michael Halfacre, director of the state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, took a swipe at reality TV, saying: “This settlement is a cautionary tale for licensees who might think ignoring the law for the sake of airtime is good for business.

Publish Date: 09/14/2012 11:22

‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Reacts to Snooki Getting Punched in the Face.

The cast of the “Jersey Shore” sits down with ET’s Mark Steines to reflect on the horrific night when cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was punched in the face by a man in a bar. “It’s really hard for me to watch,” Snooki says of watching the punch…

Snookie punched again on Jersey Shore: Behind the Awesome!

Snookie punched! Behind the scenes of the Jersey Shore Key of Awesome. Watch the original music video parody HERE! Subscribe! — MORE BARELY: Facebook! Get the songs on iTunes! TShirts…

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Los Angeles Film Festivals

Many aspiring actors know that Hollywood is the movie capital of the world. Every actor or

Samuel L. Jackson and daughter Zoe Jackson at ...

Samuel L. Jackson and daughter Zoe Jackson at the Independent Film Festival of Los Angeles holding a $20 bill and producer credit for The 1 Second Film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

actress knows at some point they are going to have to make that trip to Los Angeles like a Muslim makes that trip to Mecca.  Los Angele’s film festivals are a necessity if you want to build a strong relationship with the movie industry. As other film festivals make their presence known to the world everyone knows that Los Angeles is the glue that holds everything together. Every actor or actress needs to go to L.A. if he is serious about building relationships in the movie industry.

Los Angeles Film Festival | Film Ireland

James Bartlett casts his eye over the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival. SEPTEMBER 26TH-30TH, 2012. At the end of September, there was a huge event for the Irish in Los Angeles. Though it’s hard to believe that the LA Irish

Publish Date: 09/30/2012 13:58

Coming Attraction: Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival

CC and I love our film festivals, and this weekend marks yet another one just for kids, the 8th annual Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival. Kicking off on Oct. 5, the kid-friendly fest, which features more than 100

Publish Date: 10/05/2012 1:57

Middle of Nowhere public premiere @ LA Film Festival | Filmfestivals

“It’s intimate, it’s elegant, it’s woman-focused and it’s colorful. It’s of rare hue and emotional nuance.” MIDDLE OF NOWHERE had its first screening since Sundance at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Wednesday evening.

Publish Date: 06/22/2012 12:56

Los Angeles Film Festival 2012 with Woody Allen |

On the opening day of the The Los Angeles Film Festival , the day was filled with excitement with fans packing the streets and watching the parade and honoring the Stanley Cup champions .The LA Kings but movie fans were

Publish Date: 06/22/2012 2:07

2012 LA FILM FEST – To Rome With Love Red Carpet

Woody Allen makes a rare LA appearance for the North American premiere of his latest, To Rome With Love at the LA Film Fest. He and the film’s star Alessandra Mastronardi chat with Film Independent on the red carpet.

2012 LA FILM FEST – Opening Night

LA Film Fest filmmakers step out along with Film Independent execs to celebrate opening night and tell us why they love the Los Angeles Film Festival. In a word: community.

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Lantawood The New Hollywood Of The South



Lantawood is an indie film production and movie company that is carving their own niche out of the Atlanta and Hollywood. Lantawood, from talking to Graham and other players with at company their is a lot of money being left on the table wit small indie film companies. ” Many people just don’t know their is money that can be made without going to Hollywood.” Tyler Perry has the major movie market on lock here in the Atl. Indie film companies like Lantawood believe they can gain a foot hold on the secondary movie market without going through Hollywood.

The Vision and Mission of Lantawood: CHANGES IN LANTAWOOD

GROUP PARTNERSHIP- Does your Production Company want to make movies but have no equipment, talents or system? Become a lantawood Group Partners (dues $360.00 for 2009). Then we provide you with the tools,

Publish Date: 01/01/2009 12:08

Welcome to the Lantawood Reporter: Job Development Center to

But under all this glitz and glamour is an indigenous film industry known as LANTAWOOD, growing with opportunities as indigenous production companies are springing up everywhere. One of the major catalysts to the growth

Publish Date: 12/28/2011 21:58

Welcome to the Lantawood Reporter: Non profit Lantawood to

Starting March, 2008 Lantawood Inc, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization providing movie production knowledge and tools, is providing “Hands on Producer” movie production training to low and moderate-income Atlanta area residents. training, support for developing independent movie production companies and developing the movie distribution system AKA “Lantawood Theater” For more information about the vision of Lantawood, send an email to to us at

Publish Date: 02/06/2008 7:21

Lantawood, the NEW movie industry of the South is coming

Alinda Hester, AKA TEA hits the streets of Atlanta, laying the foundation for LANTAWOOD, the NEW movie industry of the South.

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Django Unchained and Racial Tension


After watching the movie Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino, I am really left speechless due to the movies touch on a slave named Django’s mission to save his women. The movie had some good parts, but then there was always those parts of the movie that made you feel sick about slavery, and how it effected black folks here in America.

Jamie Fox played a pretty good role in this movie. I think that White Americans will have to take a serious look at what was done to African Americans in this movie, and that may be uncomfortable for most. Black folks will have to also revisit what happen to them, and that may be uncomfortable. Lets see what the movie does to race relation in America.

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